Digital Action from the perspective of a ‘work-from-home’ interned intern.

Stuart Bridgett

As Digital Action’s first intern, and in light of Digital Action currently recruiting a second intern (find out how to apply here!), I wanted to share my experience to give you a sense of my experience. Below are some of my thoughts on what Digital Action is, what…

During lockdown in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic, convenings are remote and digital by necessity. Digital Action and the European Partnership for Democracy have compiled some of the initial lessons from one virtual convening in the early stages of lockdown to help others organising similar sessions.

There is an opportunity here, too: learning how to maximise the benefit of virtual meetings means that in the longer term we may be able to reduce the amount we need to travel.

These lessons are based on inputs from participants, and are broken into two sections: lessons for future convenings, including a host of other resources; and feedback on this specific convening, shared here in the spirit of gratitude for those who gave us feedback.

If this prompts any thoughts, please get in touch on

Digital Action looking to hire a paid intern to work in Dublin, for a minimum of 2 days per week. Full details here.

Digital Action is looking to recruit an intern to spend 5–9 months with our small but growing team. You will help build and deliver global campaigns to…

Digital Action is hiring a full-time Project Lead, to work in London alongside our Director of Strategy and Head of Campaigns Nick Martlew. Details here.

Digital Action is a new project working to counter digital threats to democracy, and we are looking to hire our fourth team member.

The Project Lead will care about the ways in which technology is impacting democracy around the world, and be driven to find and fight for concrete solutions…

Digital Action is hiring a full-time Project Lead, starting as soon as possible. The role will be based in Dublin for at least the first six months. Details here.

The Project Lead will be one of the first hires in a new organisation aiming to counter digital threats to democracy. They will have a strong interest in the ways that technology is impacting democracy globally; our ability to hold free and fair elections, speak freely, and live private lives…

Digital Action

Digital Action exists to strengthen democratic rights in a digital age, by building coalitions capable of revealing & addressing digital threats to democracy

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